In a process of constant evolution since 1968 to supply the Offset printing market
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company started offering a specialized and efficient service to the lithographic plate user in 1968.

At the time, its micrograined aluminium plates were the first altemative to the old zinc plates, which were still being used by most printers.  Their better and evener grain allowed to improve the quality and, thus, to expand the offset printing during those years.

In 1975, for the first time in Spain, started manufacturing positive presensitized plates, which, as they offered a very good quality/price ratio, were immediately accepted by the market and went into direct competition with the major multinational suppliers.

At present manufactures by means of very modern facilities, which involve the most modern production technology. As far as products are concerned, several conventional positive and negative as CTP thermal plates are produced and so have a wide range to optimize the printing efficiency, as their characteristics can be chosen to suit the different type of users: press proofing, high quality printing in sheet-fed presses, long runs in web-fed presses, packaging printing, newspapers, business forms, etc.

The outstanding delivery service of plates and chemicals having the best European quality and very competitive pricing, allows to be in an excellent position ln the local market, as well as progressively growing in foreign markets. Exports are consigned to many countries in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

evolves by immediately following any new needs generated by emerging technologies and has the necessary means to successfully tackle the changes anticipated for the future, because it has the best professional team in its speciality and with total focus on offset plates and on the best service to the customers.

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