Thermal CTP Anodized Plate

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High perfomance thermal CTP plate with Electro-chemical graining, Anodizing and Hidrophilic treatment of Aluminium and improved 830 nm sensitive coating
  • Easy exposure and procesing.
  • Compatible with most of the thermal plates and developers available on the market.
  • Maximun resolution for the reproduction of stochastic screens
  • Fast ink-water balance.
  • Enhanced constrast and stability.
  • Runs more than 100.000 impresions without baking.
  • Cost-efective. CTP-A plate meets user's needs and optimize the printing perfomance.
Technical Characteristics
Thermal positive plate to operate in CTP systems with infrared (IR) laser diode between 800-850 nm. No pre-heat required. Anodized non-image area.
Exposure / Coating
Coating colour: blue intense
Contrast after development: very high
Day light sensitivity: up to 2 hours exposure does not affect the plate
Spectral sensitivity: 800-850 nm. Peak sensitivity at 830 nm.
Compatible with most of the thermal platesetters: Creo, Heidelberg, Screen, Lüscher, etc...
Required energy: 120-130 mj/cm2
Image reproduction: 1-99 % at 250 lines per inch and FM screening

Use developer Revelith-CTP at 23oC ± 1ºC
Compatible with most of the thermal plate developers on the market
Development time: 30 seconds ± 5 seconds
Replenishment: with the same developer at 120-140 ml/m2

Use Gomalux-LP
When hardened by baking, apply Quemagum-LP

Use deletion pens Dualpoint-LP

Hardening the coating by baking enables very long runs, over 500.000 impressions, depending on press conditions.
Apply Quemagum-LP
Baking conditions: Static oven: 200-230°C during 5-6 minutes
                          On-line oven: 230-250°C during 3-4 minutes


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